Sapphire Faceted 8mm Beads
Sapphire Faceted 8mm Beads
Sapphire Faceted 8mm Beads
Sapphire Faceted 8mm Beads
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Sapphire Faceted 8mm Beads

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It's a rare treat to find sapphire beads in any decent size. Faceted for sparkle, marbled in subtle variations of deep opaque blue, these natural sapphires feature the bright reflection and soothing heft typical of this regal stone. 

Sapphire has been worn as a gemstone for millennia, and has associations with wisdom, stability and mental acuity.

These beads run on the small side for an 8mm, measuring between 7.5mm and a true 8mm. Sapphire is naturally durable and heavy for its size. No treatments on these!

Each strand measures just under 16" and contains 54 beads. This is unusually long! Most commercial bead strands measure at 15" and 47-49 beads.

If you want to make a truly magnificent sapphire mala, two strands will get you to a count of 108.

Half strands will contain 27 beads.

These are available by both the full strand and the half strand. 

  • Making a bracelet? Purchase a half strand.
  • A necklace? If strung with knots between each bead, a single 16" strand of these sapphires will come close to 18" when finished. Consider an extra half strand if you'd like a longer necklace.
  • Mala? Two full strands will provide precisely 108 beads! 

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