Classes by appointment! Zoom demos weekly! YouTube how-tos!

Hello, everyone! We haven't been in a position to host our usual up-to-six-people classes in person, but we are still engaging with our beading community in other ways. 

We are offering classes by appointment for individuals and small groups of up to three people. Please give the shop a call at 303-786-9746 to inquire about anything you might want to try. We can run many of our usual roster of classes - stretch bracelets, mala knotting, pearl knotting, channel wrap bracelets - you name it and we'll try our best to accommodate. 

Nomad is running weekly demos via Zoom! We've had a Sunday session at 11am running all through this year and will keep right on running it. Topics change from week to week. Please check out Nomad's event page on Meetup for details. These are absolutely free and we're always delighted to hear from you!

Have you been missing Jake? Come check out the Jake Hour weekly series, also via Zoom! I know a lot of folks miss the ability to just hang out at the table and see what's Jake's working on, so we're going to run a weekly mini-event. Jake will bring in some of his collection to discuss and explain.

These will run at 10am on Thursdays, which I know is a little early for many people, so I hope to record, edit them down and get them up on our YouTube channel. Wish me luck on that front, and again, check out our Meetup event page for the link.

Speaking of YouTube - yes, we have a channel. Yes, there's stuff posted on it! We have an excellent half-hour knotted mala demo via Catherine among other things. Need a reminder or a review? Please check it out.

Many, many thanks to all our regulars and everyone who's come in to check us out during this strange year. We miss everyone and hope that all of you are thriving and well.

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